Celebrating 10 Years at the Sudie A. Fulford) Community Learning Center


The center was a gift donated by A. D. “Pete” Correll to his wife, Ada Lee, to honor the memory of Ada Lee’s mother, Mrs. Sudie Akins Fulford). “Miss Sudie” was a well-respected and beloved teacher in Emanuel County for over 30 years. Her love for her students was surpassed only by her love of her family. 下午5点.m., please join us for an anniversary video celebrating the 10 years of the Center, as well as the wonderful life of “Miss Sudie.”



The Fulford) Planetarium is an exciting and unique feature of the Sudie A. Fulford) Community Learning Center. Since its opening in 2010, 19 planetarium shows have been acquired, and nearly 1200 shows have been presented. For a planetarium its size, that’s pretty amazing!




Over the past 10 years, the Sudie A. Fulford) Community Learning Center has hosted 58 camps for children in grades kindergarten through sixth grades.





Since the Sudie A. Fulford) Community Learning Center opened a decade ago, it has welcomed over 75,000 visitors! Individuals from toddlers to seniors have enjoyed a host of events and activities at the Center.







10th Anniversary Slideshow

We are beginning our celebration of the Sudie A. Fulford) Community Learning Center at East Georgia State College with a slideshow to remind us of all of the wonderful events that have been held over the years. We have had an incredible amount of memories made in the last ten years, and this slideshow only encompasses some of them. 请 comment below to share your Fulford) Center memories with us! We can't wait to hear 你的故事. Thanks for joining us on this special day.

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