A student employee is a part-time employee who is currently enrolled in at least a half-time credit load (6 credit hours) at East Georgia State College with the primary goal of achieving a degree. A student employee is considered a temporary employee and is not eligible for benefits. Student employees can perform many jobs within an office or department such as clerical support, computer lab assistant, library aide, tutors, etc.

All student workers must complete an "Application for Student Employment" and "new hire" employment paperwork and post hours in the OneUSG system

At the beginning of each semester, student employees must complete an updated "Application for Student Employment" and submit to HR with the appropriate signatures.

Student employees ineligible for financial aid are considered Student Assistants.

View the Student Employment Calendar for important deadlines.

Departmental Information

All departments must post on-campus positions with the Student Employment Office (SEO) and all students must apply for on-campus positions with the SEO. Students will be required to apply for student employment.

Departments will set up interviews with individual students. Once a hiring decision is made, a formal offer to the student chosen will be extended. Once a student accepts the position, the new student employee may begin the paperwork processing to finalize employment.

Allowable Work Hours

Students cannot work more than 19 hours per week or 48% time. Exceptions can be made during breaks such as Christmas, Spring break and summer. Supervisors are responsible for monitoring work activities and student abidance of employment policies and procedures. Note: Changes in student enrollment status may affect employment.

OneUSG Process

Students must log in their time worked through the OneUSG system. Each department will be responsible for training new hires on the OneUSG system.


Student assistants will be paid no less than the federal minimum wage. Students are paid bi-weekly. Student employees are required to have their paycheck directly deposited into their bank account or the optional BankMobile Vibe Checking account to ensure timely receipt of paycheck unless otherwise exempted. Paper checks may be delayed up to a minimum of one week due to payroll processing.

General Rules

    • The term of employment is on a semester basis. Students will be notified if employment will not be extended.
    • Student employees are not eligible for any employment benefits.
    • Job descriptions will be distributed to all employees. Basic training will be provided.
    • Students should adhere to the dress code, schedule and rules of conduct established by East Georgia State College and the individual department in which they work.
    • Students are expected to follow job assignments in a serious and responsible manner. Supervisors should have work assignments ready to complete when student is scheduled. If no assignment is prepared, then the student should be dismissed and the hours rescheduled when their assistance is required.
    • Students will be evaluated, and they will also evaluate their supervisors/job experience if the student leaves the department and/or after 6 months in specified areas.


    • Applications will only be accepted when positions are available.
    • There will be an open and close date for each job posted. All on-campus positions will be posted with the Student Employment Office (SEO) for a minimum of 5 business days.
    • Students are required to submit an employment application to be considered for on-campus positions.
    • Departmental advertising must indicate application for employment is made through the SEO.
    • Departments will process hiring paperwork and meet established Human Resources and Payroll policies and deadlines.
    • OneUSG records must include certification by the supervisor that the hours recorded are accurately reflecting time worked. Approval implies direct knowledge of the student having worked the hours reported.


    • All students are subject to discharge at any time.
    • Failure to comply with EGSC policies or inadequate performance of job duties may result in the dismissal of student employees.
    • Departments/Supervisors must submit a change of status form to SEO when the student is no longer working for the department. This may be due to withdrawal, transferring, graduation or other on-campus employment.